I designed this poster last night as I went searching for a sans serif typeface to use on the business cards for Creative Sidhe. I kept coming back to Helvetica because it is so damned readable at smaller font sizes. So far the cards have been designed using Europa but the feedback I got from them, which I agree with, is that it isn’t a very sharp typeface. Apparently that makes the cards look dated. Feedback from one person said it makes the card look sort of 90s. I have no problem with this but I do think letters in Europa end up looking slightly soft. The angles in the letterforms are not as sharp as Helvetica.

There is a meme that designers wear too much black and overuse Helvetica. I can see now why this may have become a meme.It’s funny because it is true but there are some fundamental reasons for our overuse of the typeface. Namely it works!

I am thinking of making this a poster as I really like the print. Will be getting some examples and may post it on etsy as a digital product.